Product Name Product Number Characteristics
Timiron® Super Silk MP-1005 17203 Silvery-white powder
Timiron® Halo White 17228 Silvery bluish-white satiny powder
Timiron® Super Sheen MP-1001 17201 Silvery-white powder
Timiron® SynWhite Satin 17770 Silverwhite powder
Timiron® Super Silver Fine 17219 Silverwhite powder
Timiron® Glam Silver 17741 White lustrous powder
Timiron® Synwhite 40 17733 Silvery-white powder
Timiron® Pearl Sheen MP-30 17216 Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron® Ultra Luster MP-111 17226 Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron® Star Luster MP-115 17200 Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron® Arctic Silver 17457 Silvery-white powder with bluish highlights
Timiron® Pearl Flake MP-10 17215 Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron® Super Silver 17294 Silvery-white lustrous powder
Timiron® Sparkle MP-47 17202 Silvery-white sparkling powder
Ronastar® Silver 17713 White powder with silver multicolor effect
Timiron® Gleamer Flake MP-45 17224 Silvery-white sparkling powder
Timiron® Snowflake MP-99 17470 White lustrous powder
Timiron® Diamond Cluster MP-149 17266 Gray-white glimmering powder
Timiron® Ice Crystal 17740 Silvery-white sparkling powder
Ronastar® Noble Sparks 17459 White powder with silver multicolor sparkle effect
Ronastar® Frozen Jewel 17229 Silvery-white mass tone powder with silver sparkle effect
Ronastar® Royal Sparkle 17400 Silvery-white powder with multi-dimensional sparkle and magnified reflectance
Timiron® Liquid Silver 17021 Silvery-white paste