Gattefosse is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling specialty ingredients for the personal care and pharmaceutical industries, showcasing significant expertise in formulation for both sectors. Operating in over 60 countries through 13 affiliated companies, agents, and distributors, Gattefosse emphasizes technical and marketing support, with 75% of sales achieved in export markets. Founded in 1880 in Lyon, France, by Louis Gattefosse, the company prioritizes innovation, ethics, quality, and stability. Remaining a family-run and independent business, Gattefosse employs 280 people worldwide.

Gattefosse India, a strategic supplier for cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies in India for a decade, manages sales, marketing, and technical service support in the Indian subcontinent. This affiliate, sustaining a profitable operation, is led by a professional team handling business development, technical aspects, customer service, and administration. Gattefosse India offers extensive regulatory and toxicological support, along with technical and application guidance, to pharmaceutical and personal care customers. The affiliate hosts workshops, texture showcases, and seminars led by experts, highlighting the benefits of Gattefosse products.

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