Product Name Product Number INCI Name Characteristics
RonaCare ® Allantoin 101015 Allantoin Soothing agent (skin conditioning agent), nature-identical
RonaCare ® Aluminium Chloride Hydroxide-Allantoin 101072 Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Allantoin, Aqua (Water) Soothing agent (skin conditioning agent), tones skin
RonaCare ® Bisabolol nat. 130170 Bisabolol Fully natural, sustainable soothing/skin conditioning agent for sensitive skin, easy absorbed by skin, suitable for sensitive skin products
RonaCare ® Luremin ® 130204 Sorbitol, Dihydroxy Methylchromone Youth promoting ingredient with excellent stability, skin conditioning agent recommended for sensitive skin, from a natural source and nature-identical sustainable production
RonaCare ® Nicotinamide 130179 Niacinamide Vitamin B3, hair and skin conditioning agent, improves the appearance of skin tone evening, barrier function, reduces appearance of oiliness, gives a youthful glow to skin, nature -identical
RonaCare ® Rutinsulfate 130156 Disodium Rutinyl Disulfate Antioxidant, hair and skin conditioning agent, form a natural origin, gives skin a more firm appearance
RonaCare ® Troxerutin 130152 Troxerutin Antioxidant from a natural origin, skin and hair conditioning agent, skin smoothing benefits
RonaCare ® Zinc Oxide 130148 Zinc Oxide Bulking agent, colorant, skin care ingredient